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About TMC

TMC Communication Network  is a Kingdom Business and MINISTRY , the Vision of TMC is to use Mission, Media and Music to impact the nations with the Gospel of the Kingdom of Jesus Christ. For TMC, every Bible, Book CD, DVD, film, cards and gift, represents the power of God's Presence to enter into people's lives to save, heal and deliver.

TMC is currently the main distributor of Bibles, Books, Music, Films and other Christian products to the Spanish Speaking Population in the UK.

We represent the main Publishers and music Producers (Record Labels/ Worship Ministries) in Spanish from the Americas. We supply and work with the Spanish speaking Pastors, Churches and Retail outlets  in the UK and expansion is beginning into other European Countries and other languages such as English, Portuguese and French.

TMC is  founder and the organizer of EXPOVIDA London which is an annual Conference held EVERY September, It started in 2008 at Regent Hall, Oxford Street, then in 2009 it was held at the Battersea Arts Centre Theatre,  BAC the most influential theatre en Great Britain (THE GUARDIAN)  and in this third year, 2010, it will continue to be held in Battersea Art Centre. In addition, we will be expanding the language group reach to include English as well as Spanish as we will be going bilingual with the event conferences, seminars, worship AND publicity .

EXPOVIDA London is an  event to activate the Church in the areas of UNITY, WORSHIP and TRAINING for Evangelism and Discipleship of the nations. We also have EXPOVIDA Kids which runs simultaneously for the children on the day of the event as we believe God is raising up a powerful next generation.

EXPOVIDA London is a platform to identify new talent and gifts within the Church body and give the opportunity to launch new Authors, Worshippers and Ministries from Different nations to expand the Kingdom of God. The "EXPO" of "EXPOVIDA" is an Exhibition of Christian resources, Ministries, and Media; and the VIDA of "EXPOVIDA" is the LIFE (in Spanish language) of Jesus which we have to demonstrate in His power to the nations. EXPOVIDA BELONGS TO EVERYONE


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