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History - EXPOVIDA

Introduction to Expovida London organised by TMC Communication Network:

June 2007: Booksellers & Pastors Seminar "Building the Church Together" in Elephant & Castle, London, UK.

March 2008: - Booksellers, Pastors & Leaders Seminar "Equiping the Church to Conquer Cities" in the Clapham Grand Theatre, London. In this event a great breakthrough and reconciliation between Pastors and Ministers was experienced.

18 September 2008: - EXPOVIDA London was born in the Heart of London's Marketplace in Regent Hall, Oxford Street with the participation of Booksellers, Pastors, Leaders and different Churches. More than 15 different nations were represented.

The first EXPOVIDA London 2008 had the privilege of hosting the Colombian Contemporary Worshiper Alex Campos who launched his first book "From Tears to Smiles ("Del Llanto a la Sonrisa") together with his latest album CD "I will take care of you" ("Cuidare de Ti "). The Night of Prophetic Worship and Intercession for the Nations launched a local worshipper Marilyn Uriona and the Missions focus for the night chose the nation of Israel as its' "First fruits" to motivate the people to have a wider cosmovision and bless the nations.

EXPOVIDA London 2009: The Conference and Exhibition was held at the Battersea Arts Centre (BAC Theatre) with the participation of author and Apostle Misael Argenal, Roberto Alvarado y local Pastors, as well as worshipers; Orlando Granados, Marilyn Uriona and the Children's Worship Band Rios de Vida. EXPOVIDA Kids was launched for the first time for children aged 0-6 years old.  A Reading campaign was launched "If I don't read I get Bored" with the support of SEPA. The focus on Missions this year was the country of China with the representation of the entrepreneur and missionary Wendy Law. To read more see the Expovida 2009 newsletter.

EXPOVIDA London 2010: "Time of Restauration" - Esteban Fernandez President of the International Bible Society, Omar Daldi founder of Editorial Peniel Argentina and worshippers Pastor Milton Valle, Misael Valera, Amalfi, Remanente, Prophet Roberto Alvarado and Dra Emma de Sosa were amoung the Ministers present. The missions focus was the United Kingdom in the European context. See Expovida 2010 Newsletter

EXPOVIDA London 2011: "Year of Breakthrough & Transformation" - with the particpation of Marco Barrientos and his Worship Band, Rony Padilla, Amalfi, Misael Valera, Remanente, Pastor Dennise Christensen from New LIfe Church London, and Pastor Jonathan Oleyede from Global Day of Prayer London. A number of Exhibitors gave presentations including the British author Barbara Pavey, James Stacey and Pastor Stella Luz Arias from the Spanish speaking congregation of Ministerio Bendiciendo Las Naciones in London. The mission focus was the United Kingdom with Global Day of Prayer (GDOP). The Conference was bilingual Spanish/English from the platform for the first time. International Delegates came from Greenland, Denmark, Switzland, Spain, Japan, Paraguay, USA, Honduras, South Africa to mention a few. (See Newsletter 2011)

EXPOVIDA London 2012: "The Kingdom Advances with Power" - growth and expansion led to the decision to move to a new venue, Kensington Town Hall Conference Centre in central London. Participants include the worship band Miel San Marcos from Guatemala, Rony Padilla, Marilyn Uriona & Remanente amongst others.


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